TV Show

Mrembo TV Show is hosted by five young, talented and passionate girl presenters namely Emmyrose Rugumamu who has the ability to marvel all who watch her by her entertaining presence, Caroline Yust with an amazing personality and her drive to follow her dreams is captive, Qudrah Bernard very outspoken and open eyed, Zainab Mwinshehe a lady of diverse and Mariana Laurence a lover of life and eager to amplify voices of the marginalized. Inviting fellow girls, boys and experts in studio to discuss the topic at hand. The show is aired at TV1 every Friday at 6:00pm. Season one of the show produced episodes which covering gender, sexuality, health and livelihood aspects. The TV show is meant to positively influence their mind set and inspire them to become self-reliant and confident as they tackle life challenges. The show also interview and guide young women and girls and help them stay in school, provide a bridge to employment and work at promoting gender equality as well as raising girls’ and women’s profile in the community.

Catch up,our previous episodes

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