Radio Show

The Mrembo radio show is the girls based into awareness raising, and provide a platform for the young adults to mouthpiece to their rights and well-beings. Without forgetting to engage boys and men in order to provide a bridge to promote gender equality. The aim of the show is to raise girl’s voice of voiceless and empowering, to be ambassador of their own rights. And the show will be weekly show hosted by a young talented girl presenter and air on Clouds FM radio. By interview women and men will provide a bridge to employment and also guide young women and girls and help them stay in school.

The show will focus into different area that is touching the angles of girl’s issues. As we know there a lot of challenges girls face in the street, school, in the office and other many places, this show will look and make sure is touch all over Tanzanian girls. So that in order to reach the conversation and following up the show, do not forget to follow us in our social media. In Facebook @Mrembo Radio, Instargram @Mrembo Radio_Tz, Twitter @Mrembo Radio and in Sound Clod @Mrembo Radio, and our hashtag #Mrembo_TZ in every social Media

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